To create a business strategy for a future product.

Project Objective


The E-Reader

  • $99.99 per unit
  • Only for reading
  • Does not strain the eyes (low blue light emissions)
  • Has a back light and WiFi
  • High-quality hardware
  • Syncs with physical books to curate digital library
  • Exterior shell displays the printed cover of the current book being read


Promotion Strategy

Target Audience

  • Young Adults (25-35 years old)
  • Middle Class ($40K-$100K annual salary)
  • Lives in a mature urban area


  • Partner with book stores
  • Reach those stores' physical book buyers

User-focused Environment

  • Build a café at parchment's main office
  • Invite customers to read on the premises
  • Allow customers to interact with the readers for extended periods of time
  • Create more product and company visibility


Workflow Charts

The charts show the start-up workflow and two stages of company growth.

Jasmine Lee will maintain control of parchment until the company becomes profitable.


Financial Estimates

Cost Assumptions

  • Office space - Based on the average cost per square foot in San Francisco in 2015
  • Office equipment - Based on the cost of purchasing new laptops from Apple and office supplies from Office Max
  • Employee salary - Based on the average entry-level salary for Silicon Valley
  • Employee benefits - Estimated at 22% of the employee's salary

Other assumptions were made about company growth.