Project Objective

To create a device to deliver 10 table tennis balls to a 30-centimeter cubical box.

The device had to start two meters away from the box. Participants were not allows to touch the table tennis balls nor cross the two-meter line at any point while operating their respective devices.



Jasmine Lee and Xiaoxi (Effy) Yang completed this project during the fall of 2015.  Both members were equally involved in the ideation, fabrication, and testing phases of this project.



The Solution

The easiest device to control was a 2.3-meter plank.

Plank Materials

  • Foam core and plywood for main structure
  • Acrylic disks and tubes for wheels, spacers and rollers
  • Denim for roller belts
  • Wooden and metal dowels for roller crank
  • Duct tape to reinforce joints
  • Rubber bands for wheel traction
  • Drafting table for roller traction


Final Result

Delivery Materials

  • Paper tube to hold balls
  • Foam core to keep balls in place
  • Rope to pull the slot out from the tube

This video shows the device in action.