Project Objective

To create a battery-operated mechanism with the look and gait of a rabbit.

This mechanism was to hop up a wooden ramp and topple a hinged piece of wood at the top of the ramp within 30 seconds.  Along with a rabbit-like look and gait, the mechanism was to have one more rabbit-like feature such as being able to stand on its hind legs or wiggling its ears.



Jasmine Lee, Catherine Tran, Emily Sataua and José Gutierrez completed this project during the winter of 2013.  All four members were equally involved in the ideation, fabrication, testing, and analysis phases of this project.



The Solution


  • 3-Volt
  • Six-speed
  • Approximate gear ratio of 115 used

Four-Bar Linkage

  • Laser-cut masonite
  • Created rabbit gait
  • Motor rotated one of the bars

Other Key Features

  • Two #11 X-Acto blades per foot for traction
  • Side protrusions to prevent turning
  • Rear protrusion to prevent tipping


Final Result

Vampire Rabbit Aesthetic

  • Rabbit-shaped ramp guides
  • Blood-shot eyes
  • Sharp teeth
  • Bleeding carrot to chase

Chasing the carrot was the final rabbit-like feature for this mechanism.