Project Purpose

To design an existing product with the brand language of a company who currently does not create that product.

This project was completed in the spring of 2016.



Products considered for this project:

  • Watches
  • Coffee machines
  • Guitars

Coffee machines presented an interesting challenge: to pick the right brewing style to fit a brand.

Kate Spade soft goods

Kate Spade soft goods

Kate Spade Brand Language

A few key descriptors describe Kate Spade:

  • High-fashion
  • Bold colors
  • Metallic details
  • Round fasteners
  • Approachable feel


Rough Draft

Addressing the descriptors:

  • High-fashion - espresso machine
  • Metallic details - gold parts
  • Round fasteners - round buttons
  • Approachable feel - rounded edges and soft pink color

There was still one quality to encapsulate: boldness.


Final Result

After changing the color scheme to red, chrome, and silver, the espresso machine had boldness it was previously lacking.

These sketches display the following views:

  • Front and back three-quarter views
  • Orthographic views
  • Exploded views of the exterior parts
  • Final hero shot