Project Objective

To create egg packaging for DP Packaging based on a given problem statement and a bio brand.

This project was completed in the spring of 2015.


Problem Statement, Hypothesis, and Functional Requirements

DP Packaging now owns 14% of the egg packaging and shipping market, which is a 2% decrease from 2013. This deficit is due to egg breakage and returns from their raw egg dealers.

If DP Packaging were to develop well designed and branded packaging, it would catalyze their projections of a 4% increase in commodity goods in 2015.

Package must hold one egg and keep it safe through a 40-inch drop test.


Bio Brand for Jasmine Lee

My interests are both traditional and modern. To communicate that contradiction, I used photographs of the two standing shelves in my apartment. The traditional black-and-white photograph half shows my book shelf while the pop-art photograph shows my video game shelf. Blending traditional and modern became the branding focus for this project.


Inspiration Board

The three keywords for this inspiration board are:

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Blended

To match the brand aesthetic, the board had to have:

  • Rectilinear format
  • Symmetry
  • Black-and-white photographs (left)
  • Color photographs (right)

Traditional forms and materials were more detailed and organic. These images are shown on the left in grayscale.

Modern forms and materials were simpler and geometric. These images are shown on the right in color.



Three prototypes were created with three requirements:

  • Rectilinear form
  • Cushiony egg nest
  • Traditional and modern elements

Prototype #1 - Basic Model

  • Traditional box mechanic
  • Modern materials (foam core and pleather)
  • Two cushions (one removable; one sdhered)

Prototype #2 - Origami Model

  • Traditional art mechanic (in black-and-white)
  • Modern color accent
  • Adhered cushion

Prototype #3 - Fabric Model

  • Traditional materials (denim, cotton, and wood)
  • Modern aesthetic
  • Removable cushion


Field Research

Based on research, there were three requirements for the final design:

  • Intuitive mechanics
  • Unique aesthetics
  • All-inclusive feel

The most important observation concerned the interior cushioning.

Every participant (100%) felt compelled to pull the protective cushions out of the egg packages because they felt it was just another item in the package as opposed to a part of the package.


Final Result

Branding considerations:

  • Rectilinear form
  • Split color scheme
  • Organic black-and-white details
  • Geometric colored details
  • Traditional box material (wood)
  • Modern cushion material (polystyrene foam)

Form considerations:

  • Unique aesthetic
  • Intuitive mechanics
  • Cushion is flush with box edges